9 Genuine Eyeliner Hacks For Flawless Eyeliner Every Time!

9 Genuine Eyeliner Hacks : Hey, girls! Welcome back to our beauty blog. We got in so many different requests to share hints to get flawless eyeliner every time.. That’s why we thought of sharing these pro hacks with you. So hop in ladies to take your eyeliner game to the subsequent stage.

Use concealer to hold eyeliner in area all day long.9 Genuine Eyeliner HacksUse a broom to mixture concealer immediately beneath your lash line.

Apply white eyeliner on eyelid before the usage of eye shadow to get greater colorful shade.9 Genuine Eyeliner Hacks

It’s going to work as a base on your eye shadow and dad up its shade by way of canceling out your pores and skin tone.

Observe those steps to get the proper wing with ease.

9 Genuine Eyeliner HacksDefine a triangle starting from the middle and fill it first to get a great form.

9 Genuine Eyeliner Hacks

Follow eyeshadow with an angled brush for a softer look.

9 Genuine Eyeliner HacksLiquid eyeliner is the precise preference once you have smooth eyeshadow.

Are you dealing with problem in getting easy and sharp eyeliner?9 Genuine Eyeliner Hacks

Sometimes erasing mistake is a higher option. So, if getting ideal eyeliner is hard for you, simply draw a rough line, and then erase mistake to get sharp and clean eyeliner.

Use the rims and curves of a spoon to for best cat flick.

Use the take care of of the spoon for the angled line and curve for the cat flick shape.

9 Genuine Eyeliner Hacks

Draw hashtag on the outer corner to grasp the smoky eye.

enhanced-buzz-21576-1429736093-24Draw hashtag and smudge it out to get a perfect smokier appearance.

Use clear tape as a guide.6f18528220312091ab9c1450d51cf559

Vicinity the tape as proven in beneath photograph to apply it as a guide for your angled line.

Protect your waterline eyeliner from fading with this trick.9-7

Lock in you eyeliner with shadow to get final longer impact.

9 Genuine Eyeliner Hacks