With five feature films scheduled for release in 2018, Canadian born Leonard Waldner is seeing his star progressively rise. An actor and producer most known for ”Stroke of Faith”, “The Investigation of a Time Traveler”, and “​Something About Her”, Waldner continues to advance an already impressive entertainment resume.

“I measure myself by the satisfying roles I get to play and the ability to support myself solely on acting.”  -Leonard Waldner

A multi-talented artist, Waldner has been able to effortlessly evolve, thriving within the television, film, and commercial markets.  He has appeared in numerous large budget productions, including “Seven Times Lucky” alongside Kevin Pollack and “While I Was Gone”, a made for TV movie starring Kirstie Alley​.

Waldner’s uccesses are extremely diverse, outside of film he has starred in numerous commercials, including a long-running ​piece by Time Warner​ where he is featured as hockey referee.

For his most recent on-screen appearance, Waldner portrays a beloved supporting and central character Laurence in “Something About Her.”   “Something About Her” tells the story of an improbable friendship between a Santa Barbara socialite, suffering from ALS and her caretaker from Senegal; the film stars Cameron Richardson, Anna Diop, and Anthony Michael Hall.

2018 will see Waldner in “Just a Little Bit Longer”, “The Downside of Bliss”, “Enter the Fire”, “A Way with Anger”, and “Something About Her.”  This impressive slate will allow for Waldner to share the big screen with Hollywood icons Eric Roberts, Judd Nelson, Lou Ferrigno, and Lydia Hearst, the great-granddaughter of publishing legend, William Randolph Hearst.

For more information on Leonard Waldner please visit http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1846291/.