Booty Flip Cup : In case you’re following social media posts lately, they might be packed with films or gifs of girls flipping paper cups with the help in their booties. Right after the ‘ice bucket’ project, ‘publish embarrassing photographs out of your early life’ mission and ‘mannequin venture’, this is similar to a new trending project nowadays. This butt flip cup task is making a return again.

This recreation became first invented in sororities inside the usa few years in the past.

It’s not that tough if you get to it, however accept as true with me, looking it’s so a good deal extra amusing!

1. Only a stunning jiggle.
booty flip cup

I could not do this although i attempt it a hundred times.

2. Extraordinary technique plus remarkable body posture.

booty flip cup

It looks incredible charming!

Booty Flip Cup

3. Simply so wonderful!

[youtube]You may take a look at out some greater booty cup flips on youtube.

4. Here’s another feast for your eyes.

Do not know how these lovely women manage to do it.