New York icon Marko Stout has been in the news a lot this year a few high profile sales and the announcement of his upcoming at film festival, LIPS. The LIPS film festival is an annual experimental cinematic event held at various landmark venues throughout New York City. The festival will showcase the best in modern art cinema and experimental film. There will also be many New York art galleries, performance and multimedia artists in participation. This promise to be one of the most exciting events in the art world this year!

Also attending this year’s festival will be film producers, writers and directors will also be attending the festival will be other film producers, writers and directors, as well as avant-grade artists and live performance works- as well as prominent features in the art world and various participating art galleries throughout New York City.

Marko Stout is one of New York City’s most popular modern artists and it seems you cannot go to a gallery exhibition in New York these days without hearing his name mentioned. Many sources are calling him a rock-star of the art world and many are referring to him as “the next Andy Warhol”.  Even Carrie Underwood has stated that he is one of the best artists of all time. Stout’s industrial pop works have an infusion of gritty, dark-urban and somewhat sexual feel that has endeared him to the younger millennial age audience. Marko Stout is quickly becoming one of this generation’s most relevant artists and definitely one to keep your eye on!

The annual LIPS Film Festival (Lovers of Independent Pictures & Shorts) will take place October 4th through October 8th, 2017 at various location throughout New York City. Ticketing and scheduling details are posted on the festivals website: