Here  are the most funniest and hilarious tweets about demonetisation in india after demonetisation.Mr. Modi hinted that opponents of demonetisation with a strong implementation.

they may have unsucfessful  to gauge the pulse of an underlying current generated after the declaration on November 8.

Eating snacks in old notes is hilarious!#1


It has now laid the foundation of a new India.And also resulted in an overwhelming mandate in the recent Assembly elections.

The hilarious sehwag tweet#2


“The people have reacted to this issue (black money) ..but some have still failed to judge this condition of new India where people have come together to fight their own demons. This is the foundation of a new India,” Mr Modi told the audience through video conferencing.

Tendulkar is also in the race of funny tweets after demonitisation#3


Mr. Modi told the audience through video conferencing that the success of many policies.It has been due to the commitment people have shown in coming together for ‘nation building’.

Rahul Gandhi hilarious meme by The Viral Fever#4

Rahul Gandhi memes are everwhere now.but these was really hilareous.



The PM enlisted the achievements of his government by acknowledging that nearly 100 districts have become defecation freeabout once .crore people have given up gas subsidies, and nearly 27 crore bank accounts have been opened up under the Jan Dhan Yojna, he said.

One of the famous journalist also made a funny tweet#5


Pointing out to the disgusting condition that had hit the country for the past 60 years of Congress rule. Mr. Modi said people will have to understand the times now are changing.

The most hilarious tweet after demonitisation by All india bakchod!#6


“For many decades we went with wrong policies that the government should do everything for us.

We started changing policies in 1991, but even the correction was considered a reform,” modi said.