In this dense political climate where people still try to deny or limit the rights of the LGBT community, its important to have people who have some sort of influence speak up about these issues and stand up for those in need and that is the case of actor Javier Melgar Santoveña.

Since Javier’s career started to take off the LGBT community has been one of his main concerns and he has become a spokesperson and LGBT activist, and is trying to change the stereotypes that the community is often subjected to in the industry.  He said that ‘’It’s important for tv shows and movies to have gay characters, but they should just be characters, that happen to be gay’’. With a lot of the work Javier has done he has managed just this, to interpret characters who are proud of being who they are although not being defined by their sexuality. Javier believes that there shouldn’t be a distinction between character’s, plays or films because of sexuality; a play is a play, not a gay play just because one of the characters is gay. ‘’We don’t call Romeo and Juliet a straight play, it’s just a play. They all should be just plays, just characters or just films’’ he said.  He has really accomplished a new movement, especially in the theater scene here in L.A.

Also, inspired by Neil Patrick Harris, Ian McKellen, Matt Boomer and others, he also speaks out and says that LGBT actors can play straight characters and that your sexuality shouldn’t affect the roles you play, especially if you’re a good actor ‘’I mean that’s the job, to portray someone you are not; so,your sexuality in real life should not be considered to play a fictional character’’, and we agree.

Javier has used his success to try and influence the community in a positive way and he is doing just that. Great directors and big names in the industry want to work with him, because of what he brings to the table but also what he stands for. In this day and age, its figures like Javier that the industry needs to impact society with a positive message.

By Daniel Ramos