RED NIGHTS THE NEW TV SHOWA Brand new Red Nights The new TV Show is a production of 12 episodes with great action drama that concetrateson the russian mafia that fights for the control of the streets in Sweden against the enemy Vikings MC club. The director of the show is Jimmy Von Sterner that works for the movie company Svenska Film. Yesterday a first teaser was released and this looks very interesting and we really look forward to see this new show. When we ask Svenska film what the show is compaired to they answered scarface vs sons of anarchy so this we must see.

-On a snowy cold night in the winter of 1978 i arrived with my mother in Stockholm.
-We have escaped from Moscow where my father was arrested together with he’s brother, and they was both put away in a Siberian prison camp.
-My father….. My father was a leader in the “vorovskoy mir” more known as the Russian mafia.
-Here in Sweden, me and my mother started our new life’s, living like normal hard working people, and i now work as a high school teacher.
-But now, now all has changed, one rainy evening i heard a knock on the door…
-There was my father, he had escaped from the prison camp…
-My father told me,
“My son now its all going to change, my brothers from the brotherhood are
soon coming over to join me, and then we going to establish us on the streets here.
We will educate the people here that there’s a new player on the streets, and show them the true power of the Russian mafia.

With blood, bullets and true force we are going to take out the competition, and my son remember, every human being has a bit of gangster in him,friends are not as important as family.

Do not confuse the loyalty of friendship with the bond of blood”

web link to the teaser on youtube: